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Soft Mechatronics Engineering

The bio-inspired robotics and design research aims to improve the functionality and adaptability of soft robot bodies using advanced multi-material fabrication. We develop new additive manufacturing approaches as well as fabrication hubs that enable an efficient workflow from designs to finished components. We combine advanced fabrication, material science, fluid mechanics with bio-inspiration to design and […]

Textiles and Composites

3D whole garment knitting enables the fabrication of a new class of technical textiles with complex shapes, advanced materials and functionalities. We envision that such 3D textiles research allows for functional optimization not only on the fiber, yarn and textile levels, but also with regards to global geometry, and will thus be suitable for various […]


High resolution and uniform surface textures have become a useful surface engineering method to impart new properties and functions without altering the pristine chemical formulation. The aim of this project is to develop prototyping techniques for high resolution 3-D mold inserts and to establish injection molding processes to achieve high fidelity nanoinjection molding of 3-D […]

Design for Additive Manufacturing

To enable designers to take advantage of the unique capabilities of additive and digital manufacturing, this project will develop a new type of computeraided design (CAD) system. Underlying this new CAD system, the key idea is to simultaneously enable the design of the product, its materials, and their manufacturing processes. Problem formulations, geometry+material representations, design […]

Design Automation

The research creates data-driven computational design methodologies that integrate the state-of-the-art in multi-physics simulation, integrated topology and shape optimisation, generative design based on highlevel design goals, and computer graphics. These design tools are integrated into a complete digital manufacturing workflow, from formdefinition to engineering analysis and fabrication of final functional products.


4D Printing


This research project aims to realize 3D/4D printing on self-built high-performance multimaterial 3D printing systems based on high-resolution projection micro stereolithography (PµSL) 3D printing technology. This project is focused on developing functional materials which are ultraviolet (UV) curable, thus can be applied to PµSL based 3D printing.

3D Sensing

The research develops novel computational approaches….Interchangeable components allow an object to be easily reconfigured but usually reveal that the object is composed of parts. In this work, we present a computational approach for the design of components which are interchangeable, but also form objects with a coherent appearance which conceals their composition from parts. These […]