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A Model-Based Reinforcement Learning and Correction Framework for Process Control of Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) utilizes a robot arm as a motion system to build 3D metallic objects by depositing weld beads one above the other in a layer by layer fashion. A key part of this approach is the process study and control of Multi-Layer Multi-Bead (MLMB) deposition, which is very sensitive to […]

Light Confinement in a 3D Space

The emerging services such as data center cloud interconnection services, ultra-bandwidth video services, and 5G mobile services stimulate the fast development of photonic integrated circuits (PIC), which can meet the increasing demand of communication systems for internet.

However, PICs today are largely perceived as planar structures, able to guide light in a single plane. This planarity […]

Structural Colour Printing

SUTD Visual Research featured Associate Professor Joel Yang’s research on Structural Colour Printing. Original link: SUTD Visual Research – Structural Colour Printing – SUTD

Let’s explore how we can produce high-resolution, fade-proof colours without using any colour pigments.


Joel Yang’s NanoLab (

A Soft Gripper with Retractable Nails for Advanced Grasping and Manipulation

This study describes the enhancement of a vacuum actuated soft gripper’s grasping capabilities using retractable finger nails and an active re-configurable palm. The finger nail mechanism is pneumatically actuated and enables the gripper to perform complex grasping and manipulation tasks with high repeatability. The retracted nails can exert normal grasping forces of up to 1.8N […]

Hybrid and soft grippers

Traditional grippers used in industrial automation are designed for specific tasks and their mechanisms are composed primarily of stiff components. These systems tend to be expensive, heavy, bulky, and not easily adaptable to a wide variety of object shapes, sizes, and compliances. New industrial applications increasingly involve a wider range of parts to be grasped, […]

High-resolution polymer waveguide devices fabricated using three-dimensional multiphoton lithography

Hongwei Gao, George F.R. Chen, Peng Xing, Ju Won Choi, Hong Yee Low, Dawn T.H. Tan
Three-dimensional polymer waveguide devices are fabricated using 3Dmultiphoton lithography, including photonic waveguides, Bragg gratings and ring resonators with sub-micron gap sizes. Error-free transmission of 30Gb/s non-return-to-zero data and 56Gb/s pulse amplitude modulation-4 […]

Design framework for mechanically tunable soft biomaterial composites enhanced by modified horseshoe lattice structures


Soft biomaterials have a wide range of applications in many areas. However, one material can only cover a specific range of mechanical performance such as the elastic modulus and stretchability. In order to improve the mechanical performance of soft biomaterials, lattice structures are embedded to reinforce the biomaterials. In this paper, rectangular and triangular lattice […]

Knit Color Relief

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Knit Tensegrity Shells

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Aerosol Jet Paper Printing for Electromagnetics

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