Zhen Ding

Research Areas

4D printing, smart materials (shape memory polymers/alloys/composites)


Martin L Dunn

Selected Publications 

Mao, Y., Ding, Z., Yuan, C., Ai, S., Isakov, M., Wu, J., Wang, T. Dunn, M. L., and Qi, H. J., 2016 “3D Printed Reversible Shape Changing Component with Stimuli Responsive Materials,” Nature Scientific Reports, 6: 24761.

Published online 2016 Apr 25. doi:  10.1038/srep24761

Wu, J., Yuan, C., Ding, Z., Isakov, M. S., Mao, Y., Wang, T. J., Dunn, M. L., and Qi, H. J., 2016 “Multi-shape Active Composites by 3D Printing of Digital Shape Memory Polymers,” Nature Scientific Reports. 2016; 6: 24224. doi:  10.1038/srep24224