Professor Martin L. Dunn

Research Interests: Human-Machine Interfaces, Robotics, Automation & Control



Professor Kristin L. Wood

Research Interests: Design Science



Assistant Professor Sai-Kit Yeung

Assistant Professor Sai-Kit Yeung 

Research Interests: 3D contents reconstruction, computational design and fabrication, visual understanding, human-AI interaction.



Assistant Professor Sawako Kaijima

Assistant Professor Sawako Kaijima

Research Interests: Computational design, digital fabrication, topology optimization



Assistant Professor Chen Lujie

Assistant Professor Chen Lujie

Research Interests: Large scale prototyping, human machine interfaces, robotics, automation and control



Assistant Professor Qi (Kevin) Ge

Assistant Professor Qi (Kevin) Ge

Research Interests: Advanced Manufacturing, Machine design, Materials synthesis, property characterization and design; Constitutive modeling, Multiphysics coupling.



Assistant Professor Felix Raspall

Assistant Professor Felix Raspall

Research Interests: Design Thinking and Methods, Design Computation, Sensing technologies, Digital Fabrication, Informal and vernacular construction



Assistant Professor Trevor Ryan Patt

Assistant Professor Trevor Ryan Patt

Research Interests: Urban network analysis, Dynamic and responsive master planning, Architectural effects in the urban realm, Composite techniques in digital fabrication