2511, 2021

Straits Times: New standards rolled out to spur start-ups, SMEs to use 3D printing

Straits Times reported that new standards to ensure 3D printed goods are made with consistent quality and safe use have been rolled out. The standards were developed by NAMIC@SUTD. Original Link: https://www.straitstimes.com/business/new-standards-rolled-out-to-spur-start-ups-smes-to-use-3d-printing New standards have been rolled out to drive more companies, […]
510, 2021

ScienMag: Precise acousto-electric sorting of submicron cell-secreted extracellular vesicles

ScienMag published a research article on a novel hybrid acoustophoresis and dielectrophoresis technology for an effective sorting and separation of submicron bioparticles and extracellular vesicles. This research was led by EPD Associate Prof Ye Ai. Original Link: https://scienmag.com/precise-acousto-electric-sorting-of-submicron-cell-secreted-extracellular-vesicles/ Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are […]
510, 2021

Construction+: Carlos Bañón, Assistant Professor at SUTD, Director and Co-founder of AirLab Singapore

Construction+ Asia did a brief spotlight on ASD Assistant Prof Carlos Bañón. Original Link: https://www.constructionplusasia.com/my/carlos-banon-assistant-professor-at-sutd-director-and-co-founder-of-airlab-singapore/  Carlos Bañón is the man behind the award-winning AirMesh Pavilion, which has also been awarded the Singapore President*s Design Award 2020. The hybrid 3D printing technology behind […]
2709, 2021

The New Paper: Discover the rich evidence of design at Archifest 2021

The New Paper wrote an article about Archifest 2021 which included a quote from ASD Assistant Prof Carlos Bañón, who is a returning partner of the festival. Original Link:  https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/discover-rich-evidence-design-archifest-2021 With over 100 events spread out across the island and online, the […]