2503, 2021

NEW BOOK: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing of Electronics

World Scientific Series in 3D Printing: Volume 3 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing of Electronics  Principles and Applications | July 2021 | Pages: 416 Author: Chee Kai Chua (SUTD), Wai Yee Yeong (NTU), Hong Yee Low (SUTD), Tuan Tran (NTU) and Hong Wei Tan (SUTD) Description: 3D printed […]
3101, 2021

RIE News: At the Speed of Light

RIE News featured research by Associate Prof Dawn Tan on a technology she developed that allows photonic integrated circuits to unlock their potential as high-resolution 3D photonic structures in ultra-high speed communications. SUTD researchers have developed a technology allowing photonic integrated […]
2201, 2021 Research team extends 4-D printing to nanophotonics published a research by SUTD to extend 4-D printing to nanophotonics. This research is led by Associate Prof Joel Yang and the first author is PhD student Zhang Wang.   (a) Different colors as printed, compressed and recovered respectively, observed […]

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