The is a multi-disciplinary project under which a specific research task seeks to research and develop an encapsulation material and processes to encapsulate light sensitive resin (precursors to polymers).   The research scope includes literature review, develop experimental strategies to achieve protection of UV resin against pre-mature curing yet capable of trigger release of the resin, perform characterization and writing technical report and manuscript.  At a later stage of the project, the developed method will be integrated with a robotic model to demonstrate controlled release of the resin.

Preferred technical background:

Ph.D in (polymer) chemistry, material science and engineering with hands-on experience in material formulation and experience  or interest to acquire skills in micro-fabrications and 3D printing processes.  Candidate is also expected to collaborate within the project team for integration of various sub-tasks of the overall project.

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Hong Yee Low

Email: hongyee_low[AT]