The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) immediately invites applications for openings for Research Engineer positions in the areas of aerial robotics and mechatronics. Researchers will work closely with a multidisciplinary team of scientists, designers and engineers to design and develop novel technologies and mechanisms to enable robust and reliable insertion and installation of custom sensing payloads onto objects in urbanized environments.

This project involves:

  • Exploring, designing and evaluating passive or power efficient methods to secure an aerially inserted payload to a tall slender structure like a lamppost.
  • Devising and prototyping a compact, lightweight and high torque/force to weight ratio electromechanical mechanism to allow the payload’s position to be regulated.
  • Developing, implementing and assessing approaches to enable autonomous insertion of the process above using visual-based sensors on the aerial robot.

Applications should contain a complete resume, cover letter describing their background, technical skillset (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering, Control Engineering, Machine Vision, Computer Science, Robotics, or related discipline) and contact information of up to three references. These positions are guaranteed for a year, renewable, and come with a competitive salary which is determined based on the applicants’ achievements, experience and qualifications. Please send applications to foongshaohui[AT] .

We offer highly competitive salary which is determined based on the applicants’ research achievements, experience and qualifications. It is fixed-term and filled initially for 1 year with an option for extension for another year.

About SUTD: (

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is the 4th University in Singapore, founded in 2009 with MIT. SUTD aims to become the center and stronghold of global research and breakthroughs through creative technical research and education anchored in design within a multi-disciplinary approach. This focus on design is called Big ‘D’, where the aim is not just produce graduates well-versed in technical functionality, but a new breed of the brightest technical minds that understands form to design the new innovations of tomorrow. SUTD seeks to inspire all that goes through our doors in the art and science of design to ensure that architectural, systems and engineering inventions of tomorrow are both a technical breakthrough and a resonating lifestyle appeal. The Temasek Laboratories is a center for excellence in defense-related research. It specializes in systems design and integration – such as unmanned systems, information systems, soldier systems and engineering systems.