This competition is organised by SUTD to promote awareness about 3D Printing technologies, and give the participants a better appreciation of the university’s unique pedagogy. In this competition, we challenge aspiring designers and engineers to design and 3D-print innovative products to build a better world, in the area of Healthcare Assistive and/or Educational Tools.

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend the SUTD 3D Printing and Innovation Day on 12 December 2019 in gaining insights into 3D Printing technologies and experience how SUTD empowers our students to design, innovate and build a better world through a world-class, design-centric education in a hands-on and collaborative learning environment.


1. Healthcare Assistive Devices

To design and fabricate an assistive device that enable, empower and augment an elderly person to carry out daily tasks such as opening of door handles, holding a cup of water, utensils, etc. This may also include mobility assistive devices that, for example, enable the elderly to walk with confidence without falling. However, personal mobility devices (PMDs) such as wheelchairs are excluded from this challenge. Additionally, rehabilitative devices, such as a hand orthosis for stroke patients to regain functionality in their hands, are also within the scope of this challenge.

Full details of the theme can be found here.

2. Educational Tools

To design and fabricate an educational tool that enables students to experience, learn and internalise theoretical concepts in a hands-on and innovative manner. A good design should help students to grasp these difficult concepts intuitively. It should also enable them to foster concrete connections between relevant textbook knowledge and real-life industrial applications, thereby allowing them to apply the knowledge in solving related real-life challenges.
Full details of the theme can be found here.

Category & Eligibility

Submissions can be done as an individual participant or groups of up to 5 persons.

  1. Local School student category: Students from local Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE)
  2. Local Polytechnic student category: Students from local Polytechnics

Participants are free to choose either of the following themes to work on:
1. Healthcare Assistive Devices
2. Educational Tools


  Theme 1: Healthcare Assistive Devices Theme 2: Educational Tools
Local School student category Top Prize: $5,000
Runner-Up: $2,500
Top Prize: $5,000
Runner-Up: $2,500
Local Polytechnic student category Top Prize: $5,000
Runner-Up: $2,500
Top Prize: $5,000
Runner-Up: $2,500

Note: The University reserves the right to not award specific prizes if there are no deserving entries. Winning designs might be showcased during exhibitions, talks, speaking engagements, and other publicity platforms pertaining to the subject.

Important Dates

Dates Events
6 December 2019 RSVP for “SUTD 3D Printing and Innovation Day”
12 December 2019 SUTD 3D Printing and Innovation Day
3 April 2020 Submission of entries
May 2020 Announce of winners at NAMIC Summit 2020

Support/ Resources for Participants

SUTD, in partnership with PIXEL Labs@NLB, will be availing resources to support participants of this challenge.  These resources include:

I. SUTD 3D Printing and Innovation Day

All participants are strongly encouraged to attend a 1-day SUTD 3D Printing and Innovation Day at SUTD on 12 December 2019 to learn more about the competition and to be introduced to Design Innovation, global trends in 3D printing, as well as to attend a hands-on tutorial on using an FDM 3D printer.

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