1511, 2018

Winners of Innovation Prize of the Purmundus Challenge 2018!

Congrats to Assistant Prof Javier Fernandez, Assistant Prof Stylianos Dritsas and the team who received the Innovation Prize of the Purmundus Challenge 2018 through their research on biodegradable 3D printing material (FLAM)! See Press Release: https://purmundus-challenge.com/en/index.php The purmundus challenge 3D printing design award was presented for the sixth time in Frankfurt on 15 November 2018 as part of the Formnext exhibition. A total […]
911, 2018

Where Nanoscopic Magic Happens

Read about Prof Low Hong Yee’s fascinating research on using biomimetic textures to make bacteria “uncomfortable” and discourage them from proliferating. Original link: https://wearesutd.sutd.edu.sg/featured/where-nanoscopic-magic-happens/   Professor Low Hong Yee shows us the building blocks of our tactile world and why she thinks mother nature still knows best. Professor Low Hong Yee in the lab where tactile magic happens The nanoworld is intriguing. A curious […]
911, 2018

Stratasys Blog: Innovation at the Intersection of Design, Technology and Medicine

Stratasys Blog shared the Voxel Harvest that received 2018 Red Dot Design Award Honorable Mention that using Stratasys’s voxel printing.   Fluidic orthotic to treat accessory navicular injuries. The voxel is a basic unit for 3D printing multiple materials. Similar to how pixels are organized on digital display screens, voxels can be placed in different patterns to control how a 3D printed object will […]
3107, 2018

PhD student John Chan won the First Prize at the Singapore Finals of the 3MT (3 Minute Thesis) competition!

Congratulation to our PhD student John Chan You En who has won the first prize at the Singapore Finals of the 3MT (3 Minute Thesis) competition with his presentation titled “High-resolution dynamic 3D photographs for smart identity cards”at NUS! He clinched one of two slots to represent Singapore at the Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.   See his presentation […]
307, 2018

Red Dot Design Award – Design Concept (Materials)

Congratulation to Sayjel Patel and Nathan Kiatkulpiboone as a winners of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award for the project “Voxel Harvest”. The project has been selected from over 5000 entries from 55 countries. It will be displayed at displayed at Red Dot Design Museum Singapore soon, stay tune.       Voxel Harvest points to a new field of multidisciplinary design and manufacturing based […]
706, 2018

3D Printing Industry: Large-scale eco 3D printing made possible by shrimps and cellulose

3D Printing Industry featured research work of Assistant Prof Javier Fernandez, Assistant Prof Stylianos Dritsas and the team on biodegradable 3D printing material (FLAM). Original Link: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/large-scale-eco-3d-printing-made-possible-shrimps-cellulose-134321/   Researchers at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have grown a 3D printable material that is cheap, lightweight, and, potentially, 100% sustainable. The so-termed “Fungal-like adhesive material”, also known as FLAM, is made from a combination […]
805, 2018

DManD Research developed a 3DPRT material system using a two-step polymerization strategy

Assistant Professor Ge Qi and his research group from DManD has developed a 3DPRT material system using a two-step polymerization strategy. The reprocessable thermosets impart reshapeability, repairability, and recyclability into 3D printed structures, and can contribute to alleviate environmental challenges associated with the continuous increase in consumption of 3D printing materials. The research outcome has been published in Nature Communications, 2018, […]
1304, 2018

Professor Yang Hui Ying received Nanotechnology Physics Medal

Congratulation to Associate Professor Yang Hui Ying of Engineering Product Development Pillar was recently awarded the prestigious Nanotechnology Medal 2018 by Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS). The IPS Awards and Medals are given to local physicists who have made significant contributions in the field of physics. The first award was given in 2005. Prof Yang is an innovator and pioneer of advanced […]
1304, 2018

Making Waves in Bio-Microfluidics: A Breakthrough Technology

Read about how Assistant Prof Ye Ai developing the next generation of multidisciplinary innovators by starting with the Applied Bio-Microfluidics Lab. Original link: https://wearesutd.sutd.edu.sg/featured/making-waves-in-bio-microfluidics-a-breakthrough-technology-that-improves-cancer-treatment/ Dr Ye Ai, Assistant Professor, Engineering Product Development (EPD) “It’s exciting to find a fully functioning biology lab in the middle of an engineering school,” we remarked as we navigated past busy benchtops filled with state-of-the-art equipment. “Yes,” Dr Ye […]
404, 2018

Instability Desk designed by Yogiaman Tracy Design has won 2018 Singapore Good Design Mark

Congratulation to Assistant Prof Kenneth Tracy and Assistant Prof Christine Yogiaman with the team including Eugene Kosgoron, Pang Xin Hua, Pamela Dychengbeng Chua have won the SG Mark award (Life category) with their Instability Desk design. Click here: The aluminium structure of this desk is faceted into a set of triangulated planes, forming a hull between its legs and […]