1410, 2021

MicroTas 2021: Terry Ching won the runner-up for the Springer Nature Best Oral Award

Congratulation to PhD student Terry Ching Tsz Him (pictured right) won the runner-up for the Springer Nature Best Oral award at MicroTAS 2021. Held from 10-14 Oct 2021, the event saw presentations by researchers around the world. Out of the 25 finalists from the group of oral presenters, Terry was selected as one of the three runners-up for his presentation on “Freestanding, […]
0510, 2021

ScienMag: Precise acousto-electric sorting of submicron cell-secreted extracellular vesicles

ScienMag published a research article on a novel hybrid acoustophoresis and dielectrophoresis technology for an effective sorting and separation of submicron bioparticles and extracellular vesicles. This research was led by EPD Associate Prof Ye Ai. Original Link: https://scienmag.com/precise-acousto-electric-sorting-of-submicron-cell-secreted-extracellular-vesicles/ Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are nano and submicron sized bioparticles produced by most of the cells in our body. They contain biological information such as ribonucleic […]
0510, 2021

Construction+: Carlos Bañón, Assistant Professor at SUTD, Director and Co-founder of AirLab Singapore

Construction+ Asia did a brief spotlight on ASD Assistant Prof Carlos Bañón. Original Link: https://www.constructionplusasia.com/my/carlos-banon-assistant-professor-at-sutd-director-and-co-founder-of-airlab-singapore/  Carlos Bañón is the man behind the award-winning AirMesh Pavilion, which has also been awarded the Singapore President*s Design Award 2020. The hybrid 3D printing technology behind it is a game changer, according to him, as it automates the design and fabrication process, and removes the constraints of […]
2809, 2021

Chemical & Engineering News: Can seawater give us the lithium to meet our battery needs?

C&E News published an article examining if seawater can provide the lithium to meet the world’s battery needs. The article briefly mentioned Associate Prof Yang Hui Ying’s research on an electrochemical cell that operates similarly to a redox flow battery. Original Link: https://cen.acs.org/materials/inorganic-chemistry/Can-seawater-give-us-lithium-to-meet-our-battery-needs/99/i36 Lithium might seem wimpy, with its ultralow density and tiny mass. But element number 3 ranks as a technological heavyweight. […]
2709, 2021

The New Paper: Discover the rich evidence of design at Archifest 2021

The New Paper wrote an article about Archifest 2021 which included a quote from ASD Assistant Prof Carlos Bañón, who is a returning partner of the festival. Original Link:  https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/discover-rich-evidence-design-archifest-2021 With over 100 events spread out across the island and online, the month-long Architecture Festival – organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) – promises to have something for everyone, appealing to […]
0909, 2021

Invited Panel for Innovation For a Sustainable Future

Innovation For a Sustainable Future As governments and nations reset, re-evaluate and reposition themselves for a future post-COVID, innovation has become more the technologies to survive through times of crisis. This year’s Festival of Innovation will focus on the applications governments are implementing now to build a resilient and sustainable future past the pandemic. Please joined us at https://www.festival-of-innovation.com Day 4 | 17 Sep @ 11:00 Panel: Spotlight […]
0409, 2021

Straits Times: Vase and furious

Straits Times published a piece on 3D printing gaining popularity for its affordability, production speed and varied offerings. The article mentioned the FLAM (fungal-like adhesive material) research by Assistant Prof Javier Fernandez and DManD Centre. Original Link: https://www.straitstimes.com/life/home-design/vase-and-furious A technology that began as a faster way to make prototypes for industrial parts has taken the world by storm and gone mainstream. Not only has […]
0209, 2021

Asia Research News:Transforming the world with 3D printed electronics

Asia Research News featured a book titled ‘3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing of Electronics: Principles and Applications’, which was written by contributors from SUTD and NTU. The article included a quote from EPD HOP, Prof Chua Chee Kai, who is also the lead author. Original Link:https://www.asiaresearchnews.com/content/transforming-world-3d-printed-electronics In the age of digitalisation, electronics products are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Over the past few decades, […]
2308, 2021

AZO Sensors:Liquid Metal Antennas with High Wireless Powering Efficiency for Biological Use

AZO Sensors featured a research by SUTD researchers on using Galinstan to make stretchable and conductive traces microfluidic antennas for biological use. The article included a quote from postdoctoral research fellow, Dr Kento Yamagishi from DManD, Associate Prof Michinao Hashimoto and also mentioned Assistant Prof Huang Shaoying. Development of a wirelessly powered light-emitting device based on a liquid metal microfluidic antenna. Direct […]
2607, 2021

Straits Times: Singapore taps green tech to feed, water and power its people

Straits Times published an article on Singapore tapping green technology to feed, water and power its people. The article briefly mentioned that a research team at SUTD has found a way to harness energy from the desalination process. This research is led by Associate Prof Yang Hui Ying. Original Link: https://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/singapore-taps-green-tech-to-feed-water-and-power-its-people On July 14, Singapore unveiled one of the world’s largest inland floating […]