2607, 2019


Check out the new SUTD Newsletter – Fusion Issue 13/2019, Pg 8 to know more about us!     At the Digital Manufacturing and Design (DManD) centre, researchers develop technologies that enable high performance, responsive, shape-shifting devices to be designed, engineered, and manufactured.  DManD’s research strategy embraces the convergence of innovations in design, materials and manufacturing so that designers can on one hand explore […]
807, 2019

3D-Print.com: Singapore: AirMesh Project Tests 3D Printed Functional Space Frames

3D-Print.com published an article featuring the AIRTable and the AIRLab team behind it, consisting of ASD Assistant Profs Carlos Banon and Felix Raspall, and ASD alumni, Jenn Chong Tay. Original Link: https://3dprint.com/248490/singapore-airmesh-project-tests-3d-printed-table-functional-space-frames/ Felix Raspall, Carlos Banon, and Jenn Chong Tay, researchers at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, explore 3D printing with metal for space frame components and structures. Their research […]
606, 2019

Phys.org: 3-D microchannels promote self-assembly of ordered emulsions at low droplet concentrations

Phys.org, 6 Jun 2019, featured research on 3D microchannels that promotes self-assembly of droplets in microfluidic flows, which was led by Assistant Prof Michinao Hashimoto and featured a quote by lead author, postdoctoral fellow, Dr Pravien Parthiban. One, two and three layers of self-assembled droplets in 3D microchannels. Self-assembly is the process by which simple building blocks interact and organize themselves into ordered […]
2205, 2019

Optics and Photonics News: Improving Security With Upconversion

Optics and Photonics News, , 22 May 2019, featured a research led by Associate Prof Joel Yang on the use of upconversion nanoparticles in a new colour printing platform that could help improve security for money, documents, etc. Original Link: https://www.osa-opn.org/home/newsroom/2019/may/improving_security_with_upconversion/ Tunable resonator-upconverted emission (TRUE) color prints of “The Starry Night” (Vincent van Gogh, 1889) taken under ambient light (top left) and light […]
2204, 2019

Benzinga: Sturdy, Slender, and Steel: A Q&A with the Creators of the Stainless AirTable

Benzinga, 22 Apr 2019,  shared an interview with Assistant Profs Carlos Baňon and Felix Raspall, on their creation of the AirTable as the Team AirLab has been selected for the Finalist on 2019 Singapore Design Award. Original Link: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/19/04/w13573066/sturdy-slender-and-steel-a-q-a-with-the-creators-of-the-stainless-airtable —————————————————————- A sturdy yet slender steel table? Sounds contradictory but for the designers of AirTable, Carlos Baňon and Felix Raspall, such contradiction was at the […]
1504, 2019

Top 100 most highly read materials science papers for Natures’ Scientific Reports journal in 2018

Congrats to the team! The paper on ‘Large-scale additive manufacturing with bioinspired cellulosic materials’ made it to the top 100 most highly read materials science papers for Natures’ Scientific Reports journal in 2018, signifying its great value to the research community. https://go.nature.com/2UWWk7z The research paper features the fungal-like adhesive material (FLAM) which was inspired by oomycetes, a microorganism better known as water […]
1702, 2019

Arch Daily: Slender Strength: The Mighty Grace of the Stainless Steel AIRTable

Arch Daily featured the stainless steel AIRTable, a design collaboration by two SUTD research labs, AIRLab and DManD Centre. Original Link: https://www.archdaily.com/910031/3d-printing-in-steel-table-legs-seem-to-dematerialize-on-the-floor A sturdy featherweight table? Sounds… contrary to reason. But this contradiction was the very impetus for the design. Created for a research center that’s pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing using technology and science, the designers–AIRLab, in collaboration with […]
1402, 2019

Asian Scientist: 3D Printed Droplets On Demand

Asian Scientist reported on a research led by EPD Assistant Prof Michinao Hashimoto on customisable microfluidic nozzles for generating complex emulsions. Original Link: https://www.asianscientist.com/2019/02/in-the-lab/emulsion-droplet-generator-3d-printing/   Researchers in Singapore have developed a customisable microfluidic system for generating complex dispersions of liquid droplets that are not soluble in another liquid, otherwise known as emulsions. Their findings are published in RSC Advances. Emulsions are widely employed in […]
802, 2019

Phys.org: Researchers Develop New Methods to Create Microfluidic Devices With Fluoropolymers

Phys.org featured the research on new methods to create microfluidic devices with fluoropolymers, led by Assistant Prof Michinao Hashimoto and two postdoctoral research fellows, Atsushi Takano, Pravien Parthiban. Original link: https://phys.org/news/2019-02-methods-microfluidic-devices-fluoropolymers.html Representative fluoropolymer microchannels that are filled with water containing aqueous dyes. Credit: SUTD     A wide range of applications are based on microfluidic devices made of silicone rubbers such as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), including materials […]
802, 2019

Design News: D-Printed Holographic Prints Developed for Enhanced Security

Design News featured research by Associate Prof Joel Yang on 3D holographic prints for enhancing security against counterfeiting. Original Link: https://www.designnews.com/materials-assembly/3d-printed-holographic-prints-developed-enhanced-security/42743205960149   Researchers have developed a new way to protect printed money, ID cards, and passports from counterfeiting using nano-scale 3D printing. Researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have invented a new type of anti-counterfeiting optical device called “holographic color […]