2804, 2021

Creativ-Space: Living in a Material World

Creativ-Space magazine did a write-up on new sustainable materials used by furniture designers and featured work done by Assistant Prof Carlos Bañón and the AIRLAB. Original Link: https://creativ-space.com/living-in-a-material-world/ Furniture designers are often inspired by new materials, which enable new possibilities in creating objects. What are the latest developments in the material world, and how are they being harnessed by our local designers? Hint: […]
1304, 2021

Phys.org: Researchers break new ground in 3D printed soft robotics with largest range of polymer hybrids

Phys.org reported on a new research breakthrough in 3D printed soft robotics with the largest range of polymer hybrids. This work was led by Assistant Prof Pablo Valdivia y Alvarado. Original link: https://phys.org/news/2021-04-ground-3d-soft-robotics-largest.html (a) Illustration of the structural design. (b) Direct-ink-writing of the hybrid structure. (c) Cured structure (area of ~90 cm2 per wing, membrane thickness ~0.7 mm, total arm thickness ~3.5 mm). (d) […]
1204, 2021

Small Caps: 3D Metalforge commissions new high performance metal printer

Associate Prof Soh Gim Song and team have been working with 3D MetalForge to co-developed the H-WAAM printer, which can print faster, and larger metal parts. Read the news by Small Caps on this translation at 3D Metalforge commissions new high performance metal printer (smallcaps.com.au) 3D Metalforge has demonstrated its H-WAAM printer is capable of faster, large format and multi-part metal printing.   Newly listed 3D Metalforge […]
804, 2021

Phys.org: Unique method to fabricate freeform structures of thermoplastics in microparticulate gels

Phys.org featured research on a unique method to fabricate freeform structures of thermoplastics in microparticulate gels. This article included quotes from principal investigator Associate Prof Michinao Hashimoto and lead author, DManD postdoctoral research fellow, Dr Rahul Karyappa. A polymer ink is printed by a DIW 3D printer in Bingham plastic microparticulate gels as embedding media. The surrounding embedding media supported the printed […]
2503, 2021

NEW BOOK: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing of Electronics

World Scientific Series in 3D Printing: Volume 3 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing of Electronics  Principles and Applications https://doi.org/10.1142/11773 | July 2021 | Pages: 416 Author: Chee Kai Chua (SUTD), Wai Yee Yeong (NTU), Hong Yee Low (SUTD), Tuan Tran (NTU) and Hong Wei Tan (SUTD) Description: 3D printed electronics have captured much attention in recent years, owing to their success in allowing on-demand fabrication of highly-customisable electronics on a […]
1903, 2021

3D Printing Challenge Guess & Win

Powered by EPD SUTDents
Guess and Win!
Assemble 20 3D-printed parts into 1 final mystery prototype.

3D printing is one of the key elements in SUTD’s curriculum. 

To showcase the capabilities of the different types of 3D printers that SUTD students work with, the EPD Node student group will assemble a large-scale 3D-printed mystery prototype from various individual parts 3D-printed using different equipment.

From 5 March to 8 March, we will be releasing video snippets of the 3D printing processes, and we want you to take part in our mini contest and win prizes!

Correctly guess the final 3D-printed mystery prototype and tell us how you will use it to better the world. We will select the top 10 answers with the correct guess and most creative answers by 19 March, 11.59pm. Each winner will walk away with S$20 Grab Food vouchers!


Click HERE to Watch the full playlist


302, 2021

SciTech Daily: New Method Developed to Create “Food Inks” for 3D Printing Fresh Vegetables

SciTech Daily published a research article on a new method to develop “food inks” for 3D printing vegetables. This research was a collaboration between SUTD, NTU and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and the article included quotes from Prof Chua Chee Kai. Original Link: https://scitechdaily.com/new-method-developed-to-create-food-inks-for-3d-printing-fresh-vegetables/ A ‘foodscape’ assembled with 3D-printed designs made from garden peas, carrots, and corn. Credit: SUTD / NTU / KTPH Researchers from […]
3101, 2021

RIE News: At the Speed of Light

RIE News featured research by Associate Prof Dawn Tan on a technology she developed that allows photonic integrated circuits to unlock their potential as high-resolution 3D photonic structures in ultra-high speed communications. SUTD researchers have developed a technology allowing photonic integrated circuits (PICs) to unlock their potential as high-resolution 3D photonic structures in ultra-high speed communications. Their technology – high-resolution 3D waveguides […]
2201, 2021

Phys.org: Research team extends 4-D printing to nanophotonics

Phys.org published a research by SUTD to extend 4-D printing to nanophotonics. This research is led by Associate Prof Joel Yang and the first author is PhD student Zhang Wang.   (a) Different colors as printed, compressed and recovered respectively, observed by the objective lens. (b) Tilted (30° tilt angle) and top view of SEM images before and after programming and after […]