212, 2019

DManD / NAMIC Research Showcase

Visit SUTD Library to view and experience the exciting products and research outcomes from advances in Digital Manufacturing, coupled with the synergy between emerging technologies along the digital manufacturing workflow, that enables the acceleration of product development (Ideas-to-Things). Let us share with you our achievements that exploit new design windows to create unique, optimised and previously unobtainable products.
811, 2019

SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Challenge 2020

Aim This competition is organised by SUTD to promote awareness about 3D Printing technologies, and give the participants a better appreciation of the university’s unique pedagogy. In this competition, we challenge aspiring designers and engineers to design and 3D-print innovative products to build a better world, in the area of Healthcare Assistive and/or Educational Tools. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend […]
3110, 2019

Congrats to Natural Composite Pillar’ s Team of winning SG Mark and Japan Good Design Award!

Congrats to Assistant Prof Javier Fernandez, Assistant Prof Stylianos Dritsas and the team who received the SG Mark as well as the Japan Good Design Award! NATURAL COMPOSITE PILLAR  This 100kg pillar measuring 5m tall with a diameter 0.6 to 1m is one of the largest 3D-printed biological artefacts. Created out of a sustainable bio-plastic made out of bio-materials such as cellulose, this […]
3010, 2019

Science Daily: Syringe-injectable, Self-expandable and Ultraconformable Magnetic Nanosheets

Science Daily and other news sites published SUTD’s research on novel nanosheets that are syringe-injectable, self-expandable, ultraconformable and magnetic. The article included quotes from lead author and research fellow from DManD Centre, Dr Kento Yamagishi as well as principal investigator and EPD Assistant Professor Michinao Hashimoto. Original link: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191030100047.htm   Syringe-injectable biomaterials, medical devices and engineered tissues have attracted great attention as minimally-invasive implants for […]
1710, 2019

Scienmag: SUTD’s Breakthrough Research Allows For 3D Printed Chocolate Without Temperature Control

Scienmag published SUTD’s research about 3D printing chocolate without temperature control. The article included quotes from lead author DManD postdoctoral research fellow Dr Rahul Karyappa and DManD Principal Investigator, Assistant Prof Michinao Hashimoto. Original Link: SUTD’s breakthrough research allows for 3D printed chocolate without temperature control SUTD’s new approach to the 3D printing of chocolate using cold extrusion instead of conventional hot-melt extrusion method eliminates the need for stringent temperature controls, offering wider potential […]
1510, 2019

Science Daily: Oscillation assisted 3D printing renders ultrafast fabrication of microlens array

Science Daily published an article about using oscillation assisted 3D printing to render an ultrafast and flexible fabrication of microlens arrays with optical surface smoothness. The article included a quote from Dr Chao Yuan, DManD postdoctoral research fellow. Original Link: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191015131452.htm   With increasing demand for miniaturization of optoelectronics, microlens array has attracted significant attention and become an important micro-optics device widely used in […]
910, 2019

Asian Scientist: 3D Printing Gets A Boost With Data-Driven Design

Asian Scientist published a research article about a method to optimize the design process for 3D printed products, which was led by DManD research fellow Dr Xiong Yi. Original Link: https://www.asianscientist.com/2019/10/tech/3d-printing-data-driven-design-sutd/ Leveraging data, scientists in Singapore have developed a straightforward method to optimize the design process for 3D printed products. They reported their findings in the journal ASME Journal of Mechanical Design. Additive […]
210, 2019

Science Daily: Structural color printing of 3D microscale objects by shrinking photonic crystals

Science Daily featured research by EPD Associate Prof Joel Yang and his research team on structural color printing of 3D microscale objects by shrinking photonic crystals. Original Link: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191002102808.htm   In a report recently published in Nature Communications, a research group led by Associate Professor Joel Yang from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) printed probably the smallest colorful 3D model […]
2609, 2019

3D Print.com: Architecture Intelligence Research Lab at SUTD Installs 3D Printed Pavilion for Mid-Autumn Festival

3D Print.com featured the AIRLab’s AirMesh pavilion that is on display at Gardens by the Bay. Original Link: https://3dprint.com/254943/architecture-intelligence-research-lab-at-sutd-installs-3d-printed-pavilion-mid-autumn-festival/ The first fully functional 3D printed structure was designed and built in Singapore recently by a research group under the direction of architects and professors at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). The research group, Architecture Intelligence Research Lab (AirLab), at SUTD, […]
2509, 2019

Designboom: AIRLAB 3D prints a delicate stainless steel pavilion in singapore’s gardens by the bay

Designboom featured the AIRLab’s AirMesh pavilion that is on display at Gardens by the Bay. Original Link: https://www.designboom.com/architecture/airlab-airmesh-3d-printed-pavilion-singapore-gardens-by-the-bay-09-25-2019/ Commanding a prominent site in singapore‘s gardens by the bay, the team at AIRLAB has 3D printed a new temporary pavilion. titled ‘AIRMESH’, the space-frame structure is the materialization of five years of research on 3D printing in architecture, with the aim to achieve […]