All Knitted and Integrated Soft Wearable of High Stretchability and Sensitivity for Continuous Monitoring of Human Joint Motion

Ujjaval Gupta, Jun Liang Lau, Pei Zhi Chia, Ying Yi Tan, Alvee Ahmed, Ngiap Chuan Tan, Gim Song Soh, Hong Yee Low

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Graphical Abstract: Healthcare Wearables

This image for article 2202987 by Ujjaval Gupta, Gim Song Soh, Hong Yee Low, and co-workers represents the emergence of wearable sensors, knitted with fully integrated circuitry, for biomedical or sports applications. It depicts how human movement can be captured as electrical signals by stretching the knitted conductive loops. This enables unsupervised monitoring of joints without disrupting the user’s lifestyle.