We are BACK! 

We are pleased to inform you that the workshop will be held again on May 9 & 10 and it has been streamlined to only 2 days. Prior to the workshop, you will receive the license to access and you will need to complete the Level 1 test (3 hours self-guided) before the masterclass. 

The seats are limited, so register HERE today! (The registration has closed.)

Additive Manufacturing, or 3D Printing, enabled the production of complex objects. However, the paradigm with which modern engineers create such objects is not that different from that used by the ancient Romans and Greeks – laborious, limited by the skills, knowledge and creativity of human engineers.

How can we finally elevate the roles of engineers and truly tap into the added complexity that additive manufacturing offers? The answer lies in Algorithmic Engineering and Hyperganic is here to share this new engineering paradigm with you through a 3-day Masterclass.


Date| 9 – 10 May 2022 

Time| 0900 – 1600

Venue | 2.310 Think Tank 21, Building 2, Level 3

Goal | Empowering professionals and researcher to reiterate designs faster & drive innovation in their organisations

Format | 2-days intensive (Up to 6 hours each)

Learning Outcomes

  • Fully understand the context and advantages of Algorithmic Engineering
  • Understand how to frame an engineering challenge with the new design paradigm
  • Able to describe desired geometries using algorithms
  • Able to start using Algorithmic Engineering to solve organisation-specific engineering challenges


Day 0 (3 hour self-guided) 

Getting Started

•  Create Hyperganic Account
•  Read Paradigm Shift section of Hyperganic Curriculum
•  Complete Level 1 Test of the IntroCourse section

Day 1 (up to 6 hours)

Introduction (1 hour)

  • Context + Paradigm Shift in Engineering
  • The Power of Voxels + Intro to the Art of Algorithmic Engineering

Algorithmic Engineering Showcase (1 hour)

  • Applications of Hyperganic Technology
  • Past Success Stories

Intro to Scripting (up tp 4 hours)

  • Interactive coding session
  • Creating Objects with Shapers with Recipe Viewer

Day 2 (up to 6 hours)

Intro to CustomShapers (3 hours)

  • Interactive coding session (hands-on coding together with instructor)
  • Generating geometries (e.g. polar coordinates, bezier curves, interpolation)

Challenge (3 hours)

  • Generation of target geometries using CustomShapers

Registration is now CLOSED. 

NOTE: By registering for this event, your consent shall be granted to DManD Centre and Hyperganic for the collection of your personal data. We only ever use and disclose your personal data to communicate with you regarding the events for informational, and not promotional, reasons. In addition, the organizer may use all photographs and videos taken during the event, keeping and distributing such materials for our events, activities and publications.


About Hyperganic Group
Hyperganic is a deeptech company that dramatically accelerates the innovation of physical objects by encoding laborious, human-driven engineering processes into computer algorithms that create complex parts, structures and entire machines that are ready for mass production in Digital Factories by Industrial 3D Printers.