What| Design Competition for Space Habitats

Who| Everyone! (all education levels, backgrounds, and skill levels are welcome to participate) Limited to 20 people ONLY!

Where| SUTD Cohort Classroom 13, 2.506

When| 18th – 20th July 2016, 1pm – 5pm

Why| Amazing Prizes *Team Prizes: 1st Prize:  SGD 1200; 2nd Prize: SGD 800; 3rd Prize: SGD 500

A Space-focused design competition with leading professionals from the Space Industry! These professionals include the world renowned extreme environments designer Guillermo Trotti, and the CEO of Gilmour Space Corporation, Adam Gilmour.

For 3 afternoons, attendees will work in teams to design cutting-edge space technologies, and investigate how 3D printing can be used in the design and maintenance of these technologies.