2109, 2016

DManD #CodeKitchen 8: Design Games with Yogabrata Datu

  Learn the theory to design a game. Get a hand-on to a game creation tool. Be creative and make your first game right away. Taught by Yogabrata Datu, Game Design Lab| 5-7 PM, Wednesday September 21 | Idia Lab 2.605    Why do we make games? How can we use games as powerful design, research, and teaching tools? This Wednesday, DManD is excited to announce be hosting its 7th CodeKitchen: […]
1708, 2016

DManD CodeKitchen Series 7: Digitize Motion

Visualize and animate with Motion Capture Data and 3D Studio Max   Taught by Sumbul Khan & Akash Vibhute | 5-7 PM, Wednesday August 17 | 1.611 ASD Computer Lab  Ever wondered how computer generated characters look so life-like in animation films? With motion capture systems, designers can digitize and recreate finely nuanced motion of humans, animals and objects. Current technology in motion capture systems offer comprehensive and precise […]
1108, 2016

DManD CodeKitchen Series 6: Synthetic Bio-textures

Create micro and nano – natural surface patterns with bench-top PDMS molding Taught by Professor Hong Yee Low | 5-7 PM, Thursday August 11 | Teaching Lab 2.614-2.615  What makes a gecko’s feet so sticky? Or the butterflies colors so vivid? In nature, fine-geometrical patterns produces an amazing diversity of functions in the nature. With the emergence of nano-scale imaging procedures, materials, and fabrication techniques, researchers and designers alike have the ability to recreate these structures: to better understand their properties, or […]
308, 2016

CodeKitchen Series 5: Digital Foundry

Learn the basics of  high and low tech metal 3-D printing. Taught by: Kenneth Teo Desktop 3D printers and open-source design software allow anyone to make, customized objects: but these designs limited to plastics, and low-production prototyping. On the other hand, metal 3D printing, though less well-known, will soon emerge as a way to manufacturing production grade products in the near future. In this […]
2107, 2016

DManD CodeKitchen Series 4: Evolutionary Structures

Introduction to bio-inspired design computing with Grasshopper 3D Taught by Mark Tam| 5-7 PM, Thursday July 21st | First Floor IDC Space Audience: Anyone interested in 3-D printing, structural or architectural design, bio-inspired design This Thursday, July 21st, DManD CodeKitchen is hosting its 4th Kitchen: Evolutionary Structures: Introduction to bio-inspired design computing with Grasshopper 3-D. Participants will learn how to use basic genetic algorithm-based optimization methods to generate and visualize design alternatives. The activity will cover […]
1907, 2016

Design for Living in Extreme Environments

Speaker| Architect Guillermo Trotti, President of Trotti & Associates, Inc. Date| 19 July 2016, Tuesday Time| 1000 – 1100 Venue| Think Tank 20, Building 2, Level 3 (2.305)
1807, 2016

From Gutenberg Bible to 4D printing

Speaker| Prof. Shlomo Magdassi, Professor of Chemistry, Casali Center for Applied Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 91904. Date| 18 July 2016, Monday Time| 1100 – 1200 Venue| Think Tank 20, Building 2, Level 3 (2.305)
1807, 2016

#SpaceHack! Design Competition for Space Habitats

What| Design Competition for Space Habitats Who| Everyone! (all education levels, backgrounds, and skill levels are welcome to participate) Limited to 20 people ONLY! Where| SUTD Cohort Classroom 13, 2.506 When| 18th – 20th July 2016, 1pm – 5pm Why| Amazing Prizes *Team Prizes: 1st Prize:  SGD 1200; 2nd Prize: SGD 800; 3rd Prize: SGD 500 A Space-focused design competition with leading professionals from the Space Industry! […]
1506, 2016

DManD CodeKitchen: Series 3

Mixing together new ideas, design concepts, and tools, drawn from computer and materials science, engineering, architecture, the humanities, arts, and social sciences, DManD CodeKitchen is organizing it’s first series of “kitchens” as part of the SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design and (DManD) Centre’s mission to create the future frontiers of digital design and manufacturing. Taught by Dr. Paul Mignone | 5-7 PM, Wednesday, 15 June 2016 | […]
706, 2016

Synthesis of High-Quality Two-Dimensional Materials for New Functional Devices

Title| Synthesis of High-Quality Two-Dimensional Materials for New Functional Devices Speaker| Dr Hao Yufeng, Associate Research Scientist, Columbia Nano Initiative and Department of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, United States. ABSTRACT Two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), topological insulators (TIs), and the more recent silicene and germanene, etc., have stable crystalline structures and unique electronic properties, […]