Create micro and nano – natural surface patterns with bench-top PDMS molding

Taught by Professor Hong Yee Low | 5-7 PM, Thursday August 11 | Teaching Lab 2.614-2.615 

What makes a gecko’s feet so sticky? Or the butterflies colors so vivid?

In nature, fine-geometrical patterns produces an amazing diversity of functions in the nature. With the emergence of nano-scale imaging procedures, materials, and fabrication techniques, researchers and designers alike have the ability to recreate these structures: to better understand their properties, or even apply them in designs.

This Thursday, DManD is excited to announce be hosting its 6th CodeKitchen:Synthetic Bio-textures. This workshop will be a hands-on lab, will introduce non-toxic silicone molding techniques. Participants will be able make their very own bio-inspired surface patterns from a variety mold-making specimens. Professor Hong Yee Low will also give a short talk on her work in this field.

Want to participate?  Please reserve a spot by filling in the sign-up form by Tuesday August 9 (space will be limited to 20 ).  Everyone is welcome, and refreshments will be served.

Participants are also welcome to bring their own specimens for testing (ie. lotus leaf, fish-scale, insect wings ect).

Hope to see you there!

The CodeKitchen Team