Introduction to bio-inspired design computing with Grasshopper 3D

Taught by Mark Tam| 5-7 PM, Thursday July 21st | First Floor IDC Space

Audience: Anyone interested in 3-D printing, structural or architectural design, bio-inspired design

This Thursday, July 21st, DManD CodeKitchen is hosting its 4th Kitchen: Evolutionary Structures: Introduction to bio-inspired design computing with Grasshopper 3-DParticipants will learn how to use basic genetic algorithm-based optimization methods to generate and visualize design alternatives.

The activity will cover the topic of genetic algorithms, demonstrating the basics of parametric design modelling using Grasshopper 3-D and structural analysis using open-source software.

Participants are encouraged to design, fabricate, and test 3-D printed structural objects using the Objet Connex500 Multi-material Printer.

Everyone of all education, backgrounds, and skill levels welcome to participate.

If you would like to join, please sign-up here by Tuesday July 18th.

Thank you, and of course there will be snacks!

The DManD CodeKitchen Team!