Mixing together new ideas, design concepts, and tools, drawn from computer and materials science, engineering, architecture, the humanities, arts, and social sciences, DManD CodeKitchen is organizing it’s first series of “kitchens” as part of the SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design and (DManD) Centre’s mission to create the future frontiers of digital design and manufacturing.

Taught by Dr. Paul Mignone | 5-7 PM, Wednesday, 15 June 2016 | First Floor IDC Space

Using ImageJ to extract 3D models from material image data-sets for 3D printing purposes. Participants will have an opportunity to 3D print a small model using the Objet Connex500 3D printer.

Current scientific imaging (and image processing) technologies allow researchers and professionals to visualize the morphology of complex composite materials at very fine length scales. Combined with the advances and accessibility of additive manufacturing technologies, researches are able to produce tangible assets of these composite morphologies for further research and analysis. The following workshop will briefly introduce image processing theory, as well as an open source tool chain to produce 3D models of a material data-set for 3D printing purposes.

DManD CodeKitchen aims to foster a learning environment “where everyone can be a teacher, and a beginner.” This means no expertise is required; only a keen interest in design and technology. And course – snacks will be provided!

Interested in joining? Please reserve a spot by filling in the sign-up form (as space is limited).

Looking forward for your participation!