Title| Integrated assessment of resource and technology alternatives for the sustainability transition of carbon intensive industries

Speaker| Dr. Lee Roh Pin, Institute of Energy Process Engineering & Chemical Engineering, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany 

Date| 26 Jan 2022 (Wednesday)

Time| 1500 – 1600

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The transformation of our economy towards carbon neutrality, resource efficiency, supply security, circularity and net-zero is fraught with multidimensional challenges. The need to balance between considerations of competitiveness, supply security, sustainability and public acceptance have led to a complex decision environment which makes it highly challenging for decision-makers and other stakeholders to obtain a systemic and well-grounded overview i.e., a “big picture” of the socio-technological-economical-ecological-political (STEEP) issues that are affecting their value chains. Moreover, it is also not easy to evaluate how decisions relating to one or the other STEEP components may lead to wide-ranging and unanticipated impacts.

To address this complexity, the presentation will illustrate how the STEEP approach – in utilizing theoretical/conceptual approaches and methodologies from multiple disciplines ranging from social/decision sciences to economics and process engineering – can contribute to an integrated assessment of STEEP components in the value chains of carbon intensive industries to generate systemic and scientifically-grounded (quantitative and qualitative) input to inform deliberations/dialogues in the socio-political realms and support decision/investment processes. Besides an overview of alternative transformation routes, research insights from the evaluation of systemic consequences that will be associated with the development and/or deployment of resource and technology alternatives for carbon intensive industries in Germany will be shared, as basis for discussion with seminar participants on potential transformation routes for Singapore.


Dr. Lee Roh Pin leads the technology assessment R&D division at the Institute of Energy Process Engineering & Chemical Engineering, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany. Her scientific background in psychology, decision sciences and international resource & environment management is complemented with knowledge of industrial carbon conversion technologies. Her R&D activities focus on an integrated socio-technological-economical-ecological-political (i.e., STEEP) evaluation of alternative decarbonization and transformation options/pathways for carbon and energy intensive industries. Working at the nexus of science, technology, politics and society, her work contributes to providing scientifically-grounded information and insights to inform/qualify/support socio-political dialogues and decision processes for the global sustainability transformation.

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