Title| Green Composites for Automotive Sustainability

Speaker| Georgios Koronis, Research Fellow, Engineering Product Development, SUTD.


The use of natural fibers in applications where synthetic fibers are the norm has been growing steadily in recent years. Comparing the structural performance and environmental impact of parts made of natural and synthetic fibers becomes increasingly important for both industry and education. However, it is not always clear the advantages of one type of fiber versus another. My work discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using natural fibers and synthetic fibers and compares the structural performance of parts made of each of these fibers and their environmental impact.   In this talk, aspects of suitability for the candidate elements in terms of mechanical properties will be presented. An intermediate environmental assessment assists in selecting materials and adjusting manufacturing parameters that would minimize the energy spent and the CO2 emissions.


Georgios is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Aviation Cluster of Singapore University of Technology and Design. His primary research focuses on three major areas, composite materials design development, design creativity, and design innovation. For his current project he has been performing experimental research on green composites, comparing the structural performance of parts made of natural fibers and their environmental impact. Georgios received his Ph.D. from the Superior Technical Institute at the University of Lisbon in 2014. After his Ph.D., he has been transforming ideas into real products by creatively using new Technologies, Sciences, and Arts, to deliver suitable engineering solutions for applications in areas covered by Product Design and Industrial Design.

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2021 June & July Wednesday Seminar Series on Sustainability and Circular Economy

A Better World by Design is our motto in Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) that is reflected in our teaching and research. A Better World in the 21st century must include sustainable development and human activities. Sustainability is a complex system-level challenge that requires innovation and collaborations at all fronts. In this online seminar series, speakers from SUTD and international institutions will share recent progresses on sustainability research topics, with a focus on achieving a circular economy. Topics range from the role of design in achieving a circular economy, circularity in manufacturing, our built environment, life cycle analyses and urban metabolism.