Title| Digital Design Build Studio

Speaker| Gernot Riether, Director, School of Architecture & Associate Professor, College of Architecture and Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Date| 8 August 2018 (Wednesday)

Time| 1230 – 1330

Venue| Think Tank 19, Building 2, Level 3 (2. 304)



This talk will present a series of projects from the Digital Design Build Studio. The Studio explores the relation between computation, materiality, tectonics and structure at an architectural scale. The research presented in the talk will have a focus on an investigation on polymers. The talk will also use these explorations to discuss a model of operation for architecture schools in the context of a profession that has been disrupted by digital technology. Talking about some projects in more detail will illustrate the findings of the experimentation with different polymers. The discussion will also highlight the social aspect of these interventions and illustrate how coalitions between non-profit organizations, developers, industry and municipalities may benefit and impact their communities.



Gernot Riether is the Director of the School of Architecture and Associate Professor at the College of Architecture and Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he and the students in his Digital Design Build Studio research novel computer-controlled fabrication and manufacturing methods. He previously taught in both Europe and the US. Projects from his studios have been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou and featured in prominent publications such as Architectural Record and DETAIL. His studios have been funded by the AIA, the Austrian government, non-profit organizations, the construction industry and universities. His forthcoming book with Marcella Del Signore, Urban Machines explores the relationship between public urban spaces and information technology.