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DManD Symposium 2020

with Industry Forum co-hosted by NAMIC@SUTD

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization of the physical world is ever more appreciated.  From design to make, digitalization enables the progress of the physical world and mitigate the limitation of physical interactions and activities imposed by the pandemic control measures.  DManD’s research continues to push the frontiers in digital design, digital manufacturing and integration of digital workflows. Three technical themes will be presented:

  1. Digital Design
  2. Digital Manufacturing and Applications and
  3. Built Environment.

1 Sep 2020 Day 1: Digital Design

DManD’s research in Digital Design spans a wide range of novel design methods that take advantage of the unique capabilities of our digital manufacturing processes. This year’s symposium will highlight some design methods and results on multi-material, multi-functional products, 3D knitted wearables and structures, and computational design for assembly/disassembly/service. This theme is organized in two sessions: one to showcase research results in design methods and technologies, and a second panel session to discuss product design for the circular economy.

Day 1 Programme

2 Sep 2020 Day 2: Digital Manufacturing and Applications

DManD’s research in Digital Manufacturing spans from novel digital processes to multi-materials, multi-functional fabrications across nanometer to meter length scales. This year symposium will highlight recent research results in co-fabrication of electrically and mechanically functional components, built-in stimulus responsive function and complex 3D high resolution optical and photonic structures. This theme is organized in two sessions: 1) Embedded Multi-Functional Fabrications 2) Optics, Photonics and Acoustic.

Day 2 Programme

3 Sep 2020 Day 3: Built Environment

DManD’s research in Built Environment and large-scale structures seeks to augment design and construction with automated fabrication, additive manufacturing (AM) and digital design. This year’s symposium will highlight some digital design workflows, prototypes and built examples on AM concrete formwork, responsive architecture, simulation, AM composites, space frame structures, fabrication automation and data-informed digital design. This theme is organized in two sessions: one to showcase research results in built environment and a panel session to discuss the future of digital design and construction for the circular economy.

Day 3 Programme

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