A cyber-physical research centre dedicated to the advancement in digitalizing design and manufacturing technologies to enable new industries.


To create frontiers in design and manufacturing enabled by the digital thread and workflow that integrates the design and manufacturing value chain.


The SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre (DManD) brings engineers, designers, architects, materials scientists, and computer scientists together to carry out fundamental research, purposefully translate it to industry adoption, and educate tomorrows design and manufacturing innovators.

DManD research advances frontiers of design and manufacturing by:

  1. Creating computational simulation and design capabilities to enable designers to exploit new design windows enabled by digital manufacturing technologies and create previously unobtainable products;
  2. Creating innovative fabrication technologies based on the digital fusion of sensing, additive and subtractive processes, as well as new ideas in multiscale, multi-material, and multifunctional fabrication; and
  3. Integrating these into digital workflows to transform the way new products are created.