2104, 2023

IDDAMW Industry Day

Industrial Digital Design and Additive Manufacturing Workflow Industry Day   Date|21st  April 2023 Friday Time| 1pm – 4pm Venue| […]


2507, 2023

Phys.org: A butterfly’s first flight inspires a new way to produce force and electricity

Phys.org published a research article on the use of chitinous polymers as a sustainable material for engineering applications. This research is led by Associate Prof Javier Fernandez. See here: https://phys.org/news/2023-07-butterfly-flight-electricity.html FTIR of chitinous films before and after stress-induced crystallization. Credit: Advanced Materials […]
0607, 2023

CNA938: Smart Knee Brace

Channel NewsAsia 938FM interviewed Associate Professor Low Hong Yee on the research and development of a fully knitted, circuit-embedded knee wearable for wireless sensing of joint motion in real-time. A snippet of the radio interview was also featured on CNA938’s […]
2606, 2023

medGadget: Flexible Knee Wearable Tracks Motion

medGadget featured an SUTD-created flexible knee wearable that contains integrated circuitry within its knitted structure that can track joint movement in real time. See here: https://www.medgadget.com/2023/06/flexible-knee-wearable-tracks-motion.html Researchers at the Singapore University of Technology and Design have created a flexible knee wearable that contains […]


Bayesian inference-based decision of fatigue life model for metal additive manufacturing considering effects of build orientation and post-processing

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